Oriad is a secure decentralised exchange for trading digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more, built using EOS technology, the latest and most advanced in blockchain technology.
Want to issue your own token? No problem. Oriad will allow you to easily create a new digital asset and help you comply with regulations.
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Issue your own token

Oriad makes it easy for you to issue your own token, providing all the tools you need to create a new digital asset and, if desired, distribute it among a large network of people. Once your token has been created, listing it on our exchange will provide you with a large pool of users who can trade your token.

Issuing a new token will be as simple as creating an account and clicking a few buttons. Complying with regulations is easy, since the platform takes care of it for you. Our registration process will only whitelist users from countries with stances that are friendly towards crypto currencies.

Powered by Blockchain

The platform itself will be built on a blockchain, while management of it will be performed by a centralised team. This means we can take advantage of both the benefits of decentralisation and centralisation.

Using blockchain technology means that the exchange will be secure and provably fair. Having centralised management, on the other hand, will facilitate faster decision making and smooth operation of the business.

The exchange will have a native token, Oriad coin, which will be both the native coin for the blockchain, and also used to trade on the platform without incurring trading fees.

We'll be your guide

Oriad is a variation of the word Oread, a creature from Greek mythology that lives in the mountains and ravines and guides people through them.

We like to use this as an analogy for our organisation, which provides the best tools for you to navigate the peaks and troughs of trading digital assets.


Coming soon...


Oriad coin is currently built using the ERC 20 standard and will be swappable for the live version of Oriad coin when the Oriad blockchain is complete.

The coin has been distributed in the following way:


million coins

Held by the team.


million coins

Issued by air drop.

Oriad coin inflation rate

  • Current inflation rate of 15%

in the 1st year.

  • Inflation rate of 12.5 %

in the 2nd year.

  • Inflation rate of 10%

in the 3rd year.

From then on, the inflation rate will slowly decrease until the maximum number of coins, 500 million, is reached.


We are a team of experienced developers and entrepreneurs, working on successful cryptocurrency projects since early 2017. With an unique blend of skills that spans across programming, design, accounting, analysis, and marketing, our team is driven by its passion for new technologies and client satisfaction. We strongly believe crypto is the currency of the future.



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